American television channel HBO will shoot a film about Chelyabinsk in honor of boxer Kovalev

American television channel HBO will shoot a film about Chelyabinsk in honor of the world champion in three prestigious versions in the weight category up to 79.38 kg Russians Sergei Kovalev. This

12 July 2016

Lobkov called the channel “Rain” and slammed the door sect

Known for leading TV channel "Rain" Pavel Lobkov has decided to leave the company. Indignation journalist called a campaign to subscribe to channel content and "dances and songs" in the broadcasting

30 May 2016

Mayor of Riga called shame and stupidity of blocking solutions Sputnik, and the prohibition of “Russia - RTR” in Latvia. This raises questions in terms of compliance with democratic standards in the EU country

"The closure of the Latvian national domain zone of the Russian Internet portal, publish information on the Russian and Latvian languages, and suspension for six months of activity of

20 April 2016

National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting of February 11 the country has banned the broadcast of Russian TV channels 15

We are talking about such channel "Top Secret," "Who's Who", "Chanson-TV", "Amusement Park," "World series", "Auto Plus", "Kitchen TV", "KHL", "Science 2.0" "My planet", "Telecafe", "Fighter", "time:

11 February 2016

LDPR leader requires the return of the forbidden author’s program “Besogon” in the broadcasting network VGTRK, calling the speaker “Match TV” traitor to the Russian world

The conflict between the People's Artist of the RSFSR film director Nikita Mikhalkov and edited channel "Match TV" is gaining momentum. Filmmakers sure that the latest release of its authoring

15 December 2015

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