French journalists have not found in Kirovsk horror Zvyagintsev shown in the “Leviathan”

The French edition of the status Telerama decided after watching the movie “Leviathan” Zvyagintsev go to the city of Kirovsk in the Murmansk region, where the shooting took pictures.

“… Terrified of Russian reality and did well, that’s exactly as it should, and do hereby journalists - went to the scene of the film, look at the Russian horror near, look him in the eye. And this is what they saw:

“We went to the city of Kirov on the edge of the Arctic Circle to see a dying provincial Russia, mired in corruption, violence and drunkenness, which director Zvyagintsev depicted in his latest film. But it did not work the way we expected. We thought ourselves in terrible city, where the streets go low-browed nationalists intoxicated, and were in a small pleasant town with a population of 20 thousand. residents on the lake (…).

The city is not the impression of dying: apatite mined here, there is an old, but working ski station, built in Soviet times. (…) The first surprise: the road that leads to Kemerovo, well paved, in no way inferior to the European motorway. In Kirovsk we did not see any empty streets, no stumbling homeless. We saw people who were going to work, hurrying about their business, as in any European city. We have expanded the area of ​​our research. We went to a local wedding and talked with reporters Kirovsk, visited the mine and the church. We have not seen any indiscriminate drunkenness or poverty. Children, young entrepreneurs, open-minded people who are ready to talk. “

16 January 2015

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