Young blood BlyuKino

19-year-old boy named Jay, stepped over the law, thereby paid with their freedom. Now its habitat - a prison cell, his entourage - criminal society. Here he learns the true abuse by criminal authorities. But the world is not without good people, for his life intercedes Brendan Lynch - an Australian who has a loud criminal past, but does not know beyond the limits. Without hesitation, he deal with anyone who would encroach on his life.

For custody Brendan put on Jay duty which he must perform, coming loose. At that young people readily agrees. Now his goal to get into the gang and become one of them. Parallel to this, Brendan prepares robbery where prey is a huge amount of gold bullion. Penetrating to the bandits, Jay noticed a girl named Natasha. Young people love each other and are eager to leave the criminal world to begin a peaceful and happy life, but it is not included in the plans Brendan Lynch. Now young life in their hands and they alone must make a choice, or come up with a plan to escape or be puppets crime boss. And most ludshee movie on our BlyuKino!

2 January 2015

“The people of the Treaty, and Ukraine will become a single” - Viktor Yanukovych
“Seventh Son” Bodrov has collected nearly 1 billion rubles for 11 days of hire in Russia

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Young and incredibly handsome Dorian Gray went to London and falls under the influence adventurer Lord Wotton.
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The program, first published in 2005 and tells about the single mothers aged 14 to 20 years, enjoyed great success in Denmark, and the role of the heroines of the series are long queues.
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Prince Andrew Prince Andrew goes with such a person, if he had a frog in his mouth, and it is possible that a living.
• In Russia will soon begin broadcasting a new cable channel "Russian conservative TV" Rocket "" »»»
According to one of the founders of the "Rocket" actor Ivan Okhlobystin.