“The people of the Treaty, and Ukraine will become a single” - Viktor Yanukovych

As we found out “AIF”, a six-month silence was due to the need to analyze not only the words of Ukrainian politicians, as well as their actual actions and in particular the consequences of these actions.

Editor of the weekly “Arguments and Facts” Nicholas Zyatkov tried to clarify the position of the former president of Ukraine.

Nicholas Zyatkov, “AIF”: Mr. Yanukovych, do you feel a personal responsibility to the people of Ukraine for what is happening in the country?

Viktor Yanukovych: I am fully responsible for the time when I was head of state and could influence decisions. I remind you that as of February 22, 2014, when it was committed by a coup in Ukraine there was no civil war, pensions and wages were paid on time and in full, the dollar was worth 8.8 hryvnia, Crimea was part of Ukraine, and in Donbas no people were killed.

The only thing that I feel responsible - that failed to prevent political adventurers with the help of external forces coup.

The power of such a price I do not need

- As far as I remember, it was you were Ukraine to Europe from 2010 decision to suspend the signing of the Association Agreement took many by surprise. What still was caused by this decision?

- The decision was caused by the realization of the enormous economic losses that could incur Ukraine. Of course, I sign the agreement in Vilnius, surely still I held the presidential office and would govern the country. Western leaders would be happy to meet with me and praised for “the right decision”. I even would have more chances to be elected for a second term. But it would be at the cost of bankruptcy half of Ukrainian industry and the inevitable significant drop in living standards. I did not need the power of such a price …

- But for any sane person it is clear that the negative effects of the Association Agreement had to be known to you in advance. Why they were told only three weeks before the scheduled date of the signing of the agreement?

- We understand that the Ukrainian economy will face great difficulties after signing the agreement. We could sign it only if the compensation of our losses that could arise from problems in trade with Russia. Ukraine’s transition to EU technical standards in engineering, a significant lifting of subsidies in agriculture to the level of the EU - these and many other questions were beyond the power of Ukraine. But EU policy, insisting on a speedy signing of the agreement, refused to provide any compensation and review the economic part of the agreement, taking into account the proposals of Ukraine. Including by considering the narrow issues in the format of Ukraine - EU - Russia.

24 December 2014

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