Medina apologized for “Raska and govnyashku”

“I apologize for perhaps not the correct term. I quoted a well-known Internet bloggers who write about it. Never thought that someone overheard and begin to replicate. But in fact his words do not refuse” - Medina said deputies.

A member of the Communist Party, a famous film director Vladimir Bortko supported the minister.

“I want to thank you personally for what you scold the Internet. When you said that you will not make money on a movie that glorifies” Raska and govnyashku. “Fully subscribes to your words. I think that, too, will join the faction” - Bortko said.

Culture Minister Vladimir Medina at a meeting with State Duma deputies from the Communist Party on Monday apologized for having used “not very correct term,” when talking about the financing of the national cinema, and said that in this case quoted bloggers.

Earlier, some media reported that Medina during a meeting with readers in St. Petersburg bookstore “Barrister” on December 9, said he sees no sense in financing films who is shooting a film “on the principle of” Raska-govnyashka. ”

The statement caused a stir in the media and social networks. Member of the State Duma Committee on Culture Maria Maksakova the radio station “Moscow speaking” Medina condemned for lexicon.

15 December 2014

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