The Ministry of Culture will provide priority conditions for the promotion of Chinese cinema in Russia and talks about fixing quotas for Russian cinema in China

It is reported by TASS referring to the statement by the Minister Vladimir Medina on the Sino-Russian cultural forum, which opened in Beijing. Medina said the movie one of the most important areas of cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture.

In Beijing arrived group of producers who will present the Russian film production management of the State Committee for movies, television and print management and China film corporation. Negotiations are under way on the possibility of securing a fixed quota for Russian films in the Chinese box office.

“We are confident that the Chinese distributors can make good money at the box office of the Russian cinema. For our part, we are ready in the opposite order of priority to ensure the promotion of Chinese cinema in Russia“, - said Medina.

According to Medina, in Russia are not familiar with modern cinema of China, and China - with Russian films.

28 November 2014

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• With the Chinese New Year in Russia will begin broadcasting "China-TV" in Russian »»»
The new channel will broadcast round the clock in the territory of Russia, CIS and Baltic States in Russian, but for the Olympic Games in Beijing, the creators of the channel plan to make it bilingual.
• Chinese box office for the first time exceeded US (The leaders of Chinese films) »»»
Box office in the Chinese box office for the first time in the history of American exceeded, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
• In China, begin showing localized animated series "Smeshariki" - "Kaysintsyu" »»»
On children’s channel, China Central Television (CCTV) on March 7 will begin running an adapted version of the Russian cartoon series “Smeshariki” called “Kaysintsyu”.
• Russian audiences are less likely to face domestic films in cinemas. Russian box office films are steadily declining »»»
The level of interest to the domestic Russian audience movie in March was the lowest in the last five years.
• Charges Russian films are falling for the second year in a row »»»
Last year was even more a disaster for the Russian cinema than the 2009th.