Ivan Ohlobystin luck in Eastern New Russia “Priest-san” and Christian shrine

Renowned actor and screenwriter decided to show the audience Novorossia Eastern “Priest-san.” Starring in this film played Peter Mamonov, Nikita Efremov, Love Tolkalina Ohlobystin himself, who wrote the screenplay and made his producer.

The premiere of the film will take place in Donetsk on November 30.

In addition, Ivan Ohlobystin together with his wife and children to visit the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, where the clergy give Holy Communion Chalice for the famous master.

Renowned actor expresses support for the inhabitants of the south-east of Ukraine from the beginning of the military operation in the Donbass. Ohlobystin openly appealed to the Government of Russia to come to the aid of the eastern areas of the country. Before the referendum in the Crimea Ivan Ohlobystin organized collection of humanitarian aid for the people of the peninsula, to support them.

October 25 it was announced that Latvia declared Russian actor and showman Ivan Ohlobystina persona non grata. The authorities decided that the statements Russians “incite ethnic hatred.”

27 November 2014

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The Ministry of Culture will provide priority conditions for the promotion of Chinese cinema in Russia and talks about fixing quotas for Russian cinema in China

• In Russia will soon begin broadcasting a new cable channel "Russian conservative TV" Rocket "" »»»
According to one of the founders of the "Rocket" actor Ivan Okhlobystin.
• "Bi-bi-si" fell into crisis because of pedophiles »»»
Former leading children's entertainment programs on "Bi-bi-si" Jimmy Savile is guilty of more than a thousand episodes of sexual abuse of children.
• Patriarch Cyril dismissed from the service of his father John Okhlobystin »»»
Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church, Cyril removed from ministry a priest John (Ivan) Okhlobystin, also known for his work in cinema.
• Supporters of federalization Ukrainian TV stopped broadcasting in the east and began broadcasting Russian »»»
Supporters of federalization captured Broadcasting House on the Mount in Kramatorsk Karachun, translating Ukrainian TV channels on the south-eastern regions.
• Gosh, from the series "SashaTanya" left the project charter to promote alcoholism and parasitism »»»
Source: rpcdn.ruposters.ru Actor Alexei Gavrilov, playing the role of Gosha in the popular TV series on TNT "SashaTanya" leaves the project.