Pakistani actress sentenced to 26 years in prison for blasphemy

A Pakistani court has decided to send to jail Bollywood stars accused of blasphemy. Punishment overtook and owner of the largest media group in the country - because of the same “blasphemy”, which took place in the morning on one of the TV channels.
In the morning show TV channel Geo TV actress Vina Malik participated with her husband. The couple danced in the air, and a group of Sufi musicians sang religious songs of the wedding of the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad.
Release of this program the court considered blasphemous. Owner Geo World Media Group Shaquille-ar-Rahman, a movie star Vin Malik, her husband and the moderator were sentenced to 26 years’ imprisonment. Moreover, all the accused appeared before the anti-terrorism court in Gilgit.
However, according to NDTV, the court’s decision will likely never be enforced. The fact that the Gilgit is located in a region that claims to be the particular province, but the authorities do not recognize it as such. Gilgit-Baltistan region is part of the region of Kashmir, which is the subject of a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. In general, the decisions of local courts in the territory of the rest of Pakistan shall not apply.
The four defendants in the case, the court sentenced also to pay a fine of 1.3 million rupees (13,000 dollars). In addition, the court decision they have to get rid of their property in the region and deliver the passport.
“Malicious actions violators offended the feelings of all Muslims in the country. This can not be down to them from the hands, should be strictly prevent such trends,” - says the decision of the court. Lawyers convicted at this meeting was not. As the Times Of India, Wine Malik and her husband are outside of Pakistan. Although the court decided to arrest them, it is unclear how these arrests will be made. We also know that the head of the broadcaster and media holding company apologized to everyone
Court in relation to the well-known actress, who has recently had a son, and television workers has caused much controversy in social networks. Members noted that before such TV shows aired on other channels, and nobody paid any attention to it. And even more so, none of them did not end the court. Some bloggers have suggested that the military leadership of Pakistan has launched a campaign against Geo TV

26 November 2014

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