American TV channels refused to show Obama. Boycott US president staged the biggest - ABC, CBS and NBC: “At Home Among Strangers”

White House spokesman Josh Ernest commented on the situation: “The decision taken by the television channels broadcasting in English, is disappointing.”

ABC, CBS and NBC refused to show the live speech of Barack dedicated to reform immigration laws. It was planned that the audience will see her in primetime.

But ABC channel showed her at all, NBC - Only on the news portal MSNBC, CBS gave a statement in the record. Exceptions were the channels CNN and Fox News, yet gave the president’s speech live, reports “Interfax”.

Barack Obama, as you know, is going for the remaining time of his presidency radically change immigration policies in the country. If this is not done, then the 5 million inhabitants would be deported.

Despite the seemingly good intentions, his actions have caused many only criticism.

21 November 2014

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