Ukraine will block the reception of Russian TV via satellite dish

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine contend that in the Kiev region watch Russian programs on satellite TV and threatened to block the channel information.

This statement during a round table discussion on journalistic standards during conflicts, the correspondent “PolitNavigatora” acted advisor Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko caught in a new parliament on lists of “People’s Front”.

“Since 2004, Russia to influence the minds of our citizens through the influence of its television channels, - said the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. - Specially launched attractive TV series, which shows that in Russia cheerful and good cops who practically do not take bribes, prosecutors are honest, fair judge, while in Ukraine all bad and worse, she is stealing gas and generally nedogosudarstvo. ”

Russian propaganda, according to the speaker, undivided sway over the years in the Ukrainian media space, but the new government was able to take a political decision and disable the RF channels.

“Nevertheless, there is a problem with the fact that until now, many Ukrainians watch Russian TV channels - recognizes Anton Gerashchenko. - So, I wrote in” Facebook “a woman asks me for help, says:” My parents live in the White Church and look only Russian channels. I have a conflict with them, I can not communicate with his father and mother, because they believe that in the Donbass, our army is engaged in punitive measures. ”

Advisor to the Interior Ministry said that now this problem is solved in the near future and subsequent calls to international companies carrying Russian satellite transmission channels to limit or exclude the possibility of viewing the Ukraine. It was said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the gun appeared as the Internet.

“The same problem we have and on the Internet that we have a source, on the one hand, freedom of information, and on the other - the Russian special services and Russian provocateurs have learned well to use” Facebook “to excite people and bang their heads and law enforcement citizens. ”

As an example, the case of Anton Gerashchenko led to a rally under the AP demanding demobilization conscripts National Guard, allegedly coordinated through the “Facebook and” VKontakte “.

“It will also be one of the tasks of the Interior Ministry and me as a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada - to take steps to limit the harmful effects on the part of the Russian Federation” - outlined the scope of work in the upcoming World Wide Web Adviser Arsen Avakov.

20 November 2014

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