Broadcaster RT launched its first news show in German

The premiere of the first news channel RT show in German was held Wednesday at the site of the broadcaster - The program is called “missing part” (Der fehlende Part). Broadcast conducted from Berlin studio RT.

“Missing part” began with a survey of people on the streets of Berlin, in which the reporter was interested in their opinion about the launch of the German broadcasting RT.

“Here we are - we, RT Germany. Those who are sympathetic to Putin, we are puppets of the Kremlin, we are supporters of conspiracy theories” - such ironic words beginning its correspondent plot.

Program continued chief editor of the German TV station website Ivan Rodionov, who spoke about the attitude of the German TV crews to RT Germany. In particular, about colleagues from broadcaster NDR, whose program Zapp talks about the German media industry.

“Colleagues from Zapp honored us with a visit to his welcoming committee” - said Rodionov. According to him, the reporters on the eve of half an hour for some reason, the editors removed RT Germany through the glass. When the crew came to RT reporters from NDR, they refused to answer the questions asked to turn off the camera and started filming crew on a mobile phone, then just shut the door of his car and drove away.
As guests of the program were the German military experts Johan Scholtz and Rainer Rupp. According Scholz, the media did not fulfill its task during the war in Yugoslavia, support policies, and this course of action can “watch over and over again.” According to him, the Internet has greatly changed the situation, and now people have more opportunities to obtain alternative information. “For example, in Russia Today Deutsch”, - noticed Scholz.

In addition, the transfer were subjects. One of the conductor Valery Gergiev, who was not given to speak at the music festival “Polish Festival” in the federal state of Saarland. The TV channel quoted the head of the festival Robert Leonard, who in an interview with the tabloid Bild said that the Polish Embassy in the German leadership of the festival was given to understand that the presence of undesirable Gergiev.

14 November 2014

In Donetsk will host a festival of Russian films with the participation of artists from the Russian Federation
Ukraine will block the reception of Russian TV via satellite dish

• RTR promised to sue the first channel for the interview Marshal Zhukov »»»
RTR would sue the first channel to be displayed in the “Posner” archival interview with Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov.
• In Cairo, the abducted journalist broadcaster Star »»»
In Egypt, the missing crew of the TV channel “Star” owned by the Ministry of Defense of Russia.
• Fee-based sports channel RTR will cost 10 rubles per month »»»
In Moscow the monthly fee can range from 18 rubles, and in places far from the capital - about three rubles.
• NTV is going to show revelatory film about the opposition - in the area lured Bolotnaya biscuits »»»
NTV show on Thursday night another revelatory film in the series “emergency.
• Friday, October 15, NTV-Plus and Panasonic has launched the first Russian TV channel broadcasting in the format of 3D, - "NTV-Plus 3D by Panasonic". »»»
The channel began broadcasting at 18.00 and was available to all subscribers at no additional television subscription fees in the HD-pack.