I want to get married, please allow

In the Soviet army had such a rule. Ordinary and junior officers could not marry without the permission of the commander.
In the brilliant film “go to fight some” old “” shows how this rule works in practice.

“I want to marry, ask permission”
(C) Romeo
“No, you came up well. Most importantly, on time …”
(C) The Maestro

Many people do not understand why this rule is necessary. And he probably would not have guessed soon.
Soviet films are not watched, and was the same as Romeo - fans to run for girls.
After this video commentary for the film had to revise their views

3 November 2014

“If tomorrow the war starts.” Estonia has made a film about “the invasion of the Russian Federation”
Slovak TV fined for lighting unilateral annexation of Crimea

• Directed by Alexander Sokurov: Where did the Soviet audience and how to overcome the modern degradation? »»»
Why do so many films made famous directors as they consider their achievements do not find understanding among the public and commercial success?
• The leading sports news from NTV went on their own after fifteen years of work on the screen: tired of "fart to nowhere" »»»
“I do not see more meaning in their work. I recently was ashamed of what I did.
• Thanks to my video on the Internet of officers infantry regiment was put on three years for beating subordinates »»»
Novosibirsk garrison court-appointed for three years, the general regime of platoon commanders of the regiment infantry lieutenant and lieutenant Roman Alafevu Andrei Zubov.
• Released a remake of "Office Romance": members of the first film did not come to the premiere »»»
On Thursday in Moscow premiere of the film 26-year old director Saric Andreasian “Office Romance.
• Review of Goblin in the film by Nikita Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun 3: The Citadel »»»
Those who remain alive in Muscovy, will thank Nikita Sergeyevich, for his excellent films.