“If tomorrow the war starts.” Estonia has made a film about “the invasion of the Russian Federation”

Peaceful Tallinn, frightening Putin pulling hands to the audience. Rumbling menacingly helicopters. General background on the museum stands, indicating that Russia has a plan to take over Estonia … Who benefits such a film, and agree whether people accept it?

In Estonia, there is a film about “the coming Russian invasion.” Premiere entitled “If tomorrow the war starts” will be held on one of the most popular Estonian-language TV channels. And it is worth noting that the obsession of a possible Russian aggression authorities of the Baltic countries are trying to instill a long time.

The film is produced to show a journalist Publishing Eesti Ekspress, documentary Christer Kiwi constructing his narrative on the fears of a certain part of Estonian society that is afraid of a hypothetical Russian invasion of their country.

Peaceful Tallinn, frightening Putin pulling hands to the audience … rumbling menacingly helicopters. The former chief of the defense against the background of the museum stands, which reports that Russia has a plan to take over Estonia. Cluttered bomb shelters. Gun shop and the seller who is willing to offer a weapon to fight with the Russian “invaders.” Boat with a powerful motor capable domchat Estonian family to the shores of Finland. Firing of all types of small arms Estonian military. Monument to Soviet soldiers as a sinister symbol of the Russian presence. Again and again the soldiers monument … This is the trailer of the video sequence. And all this is complemented by disturbing musical notes and the announcer’s voice, like a mantra, uttering words that Estonia is free for 20 years, and Russia did not accept this.

As the authors have chosen the parallel Ukrainian events. According to them, Russia - an enemy. If you expect trouble, only from her. A Russian-speaking residents of Estonia during a possible invasion will act the same way as the people of Lugansk. This city is mentioned in the film. That is a third of the population is considered as a “fifth column”, which will shoot the Estonians in the back … But still do not panic, calms the author, help will come from the West. In the meantime, you will need to shoot the enemy heroically external and internal enemies.

Paranoid that type of thinking is obvious. So the only question that arises is: who benefits, similar to the film came out? Although, of course, its appearance is well within the logic of the Estonian authorities, who have embarked on the militarization of society and the creation of the state of the atmosphere of fear, through which you can divert the public consciousness, such as the future economic situation of the people. Another thing is how the people willing to accept it? But time will tell.

23 October 2014

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