Rada refused to prohibit Russian series

The Verkhovna Rada has not supported a bill to ban Russian films and serials of uniformed personnel. In Parliament there was no sufficient votes to enable the document to the agenda (it was voted only 165 deputies at the minimum required 226 votes).

The bill is an amendment to the law “On Television and Radio”, was proposed by the deputies of the “Fatherland.” He proposes to amend article 9 (on the protection of the interests of the state and the National Broadcasting) the following paragraph: “The broadcaster does not have the right to distribute audiovisual works, among the main characters who have law enforcement, armed forces and special services of the Russian Federation and / or the Soviet Union and / or the Russian the empire. ”

Are invited to make an exception for works of the Soviet era created before August 1991.

Parliament’s session, held on 20 October, it was extraordinary. It convened in order to, inter alia, to consider the draft laws on elections. Currently, according to 112.ua, a meeting has been completed.

On the need to ban the Russian series in Ukraine earlier said Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov. He referred to the opinion of the battalion commanders. “I fully support the position of battalion commanders on the inadmissibility of the broadcast on domestic channels of media products, such as soap operas, which glorify the enemies of our country,” - he said.

A similar appeal has acted as a nationalist party “Svoboda”. National Council on Television and Radio, in turn, calls for an end “to the popularization of the Ukrainian air Russian security forces and the army.”

20 October 2014

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