Pursuit of the news has replaced film and entertainment: loud show-and movie premieres have not helped federal channels to increase ratings

The statistics of the first month of the new TV season has shown - federal channels opened season 2014/15 with significant losses with respect to the rating in the previous year. According to media agency Initiative, in September significantly lost in the ratings “Culture” channel, NTV, REN-TV, “Pepper” and STS.

Significantly increased the rating only purely news channel “Russia 24″, the Ministry of Defense of the channel “Star” and entertainment channel “Friday”.

Among the most significant non-federal channels spurt made LifeNews, which a year after its launch, has managed to climb to second place among the news channels in terms of “average daily viewing time.”

Chasing the news

Significant progress has demonstrated the channel “Russia 24″. According to international media agency Initiative, in September of this year, the rating of the channel compared with last September increased by 175% to 344.5 thousand. Persons (in September last year - 126 thousand .; rating in this case - the audience of one “average” minutes broadcast channel, ie, the number of viewers who watch the broadcast at the same time).

Boosted performance and channel of the Ministry of Defense “Star”. However, only 8% compared with last September (with 230 thousand. Persons in September last year to 246 thousand. - In this).

Shares of the leading figures of the Russian TV with respect to the last TV season either fell or stopped growing. The biggest drop in ratings demonstrated channel “Culture” - minus 25% compared with September of last year. Even last September, the average audience of one minute channel was 163.6 thousand. Man at the beginning of the new season, the number of viewers dropped to 122 thousand.

It is followed by REN TV, whose rating this September fell by 23%. Last September, the most popular among viewers of the channel used by the issuance of new Russian cartoons (”Alyosha Popovich Tugarin snakes”, “Ilya Muromets and Solovey- robber”, “Three heroes on distant shores”), spoken in the Initiative.

However, these figures are not quite correct - according to the channel.

- The total figure for the audience to show an objective picture. If the count was based on the 4 + audience, such statistics nothing says is how to evaluate the company’s financial performance under IFRS, where you can “draw” if you want something you want.

Channel relies on a premium audience (25-49 years), and on it there is a substantial increase. Advertisers are interested in just such a quality audience, and mostly female. This is held financially, solvent citizens. And of course, that the grid is built under their interests and wishes - say representatives of REN TV.

Naturally, the channel does not ignore the needs of the audience in the news in September launched information and analytical program “Good in the air”, which is growing in popularity with each new release.

17 October 2014

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