Documentary “River of my childhood” - memory writer Vasily Peskov.

Author of the novel “Russian CrossAlexander Lapin made a documentary about the life and work of the famous writer and journalist Vasily Peskov.

Voronezh land has produced many writers, scientists, artists, writers … One of the most prominent figures in the history of Russian journalism has become the identity of Vasily Peskov. Literary creativity in all aspects of this remarkable man permeated that special, reverent love for the country, which can not be faked or artificially purchase. It is given to a person from birth.

The name of Vasily Peskov in the Soviet years was widely known both in our country and abroad, and his journalistic research and literary works devoted to actual problems of nature and the environment, caused heated debate among ordinary readers, as well as in the scientific community.

Of course, the vector of attention of every writer and journalist seeks, primarily, to the realities of our time, which becomes an eyewitness himself. And Vasily Peskov, primagnichenny heart to his native land, felt responsible for the salvation of those rivers that for centuries adorned Voronezh land - from the small to Usmanki Privolnoye Voronezh.

Writer Alexander Lapin, who dedicated his novel “Russian cross” the life of the last Soviet generation, with Vasily Peskov has always been associated common ideological aspirations and objectives. For many years, having worked together with Vasily Peskov in “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, and in recent years, by fate, becoming his countryman after moving in Voronezh, Lapin deeply shocked by the passing away of his older friend and associate - it happened August 12, 2013 .

Some time later, Alexander Alexeyevich the idea to make a documentary dedicated to the native Voronezh expanses and creativity of his illustrious countryman - so there was heartfelt and touching film “River of my childhood.”

In his article “On the river Usmanka”, was born in the distant 1970, Vasily Peskov wrote:

“Each of us has” its own river. “Any kind, big or little one Usmanka Volga. Whether we realize what a treasure - the river and how it is vulnerable, this gem ?! You can rebuild the ruined city. Possible to plant a new forest to dig a pond. river But if it dies, like any living organism, it is impossible to re-construct … ”

Documentary Alexander Lapin continues this idea - and turns to the audience a panoramic picture of an unusually fruitful and full of discoveries of life Vasily Peskov. A man who can be safely attributed to the category of those that hold the Russian land …

14 October 2014

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