“I play the fool, so I was always perceived as a native.” 80 years ago was born Savely Kramarov - Soviet actor

Born October 13, 1934 in the area of ​​the Bauman Moscow.

Father Victor Savel’evich Kramarov (1900, Cherkasy - 28 March 1951 Turuhansk) - a well-known Moscow lawyer, arrested by the NKVD in 1938, again - in 1950.

Mother Benedict (Basia) Solomonovna died when Savely was 16 years old. After school, Kramarov tried to enter the Theatre Institute, but it was not accepted. To continue their education, Savely entered the Moscow Institute of Forestry in the Department of landscaping. Studying at the institute, in 1954 he entered the theater studio “first step” with the House of Arts.

After graduating from the Institute of Forestry in 1958, worked for some time in the specialty. Having decided to quit my job, Kramarov sent their pictures of all the studios of the country, and one letter answer came. Since then, he began his acting career.

This success came after Kramarova “Elusive Avengers”, [citation needed 665 days] phrase of his hero “And along the road dead with braids standing … And - silence!” became airborne.

In 1967 he was invited to work in the theater of miniatures. He starred in many film and the beginning of the 70s was one of the most popular comedic actors. In 1971, he starred in his most famous role - Squint in the movie “Gentlemen of Fortune”.

In 1972, Savely entered GITIS on acting department. But, after finishing GITIS Kramarov never got any of the Soviet theaters. In 1974, Savely Kramarov became Distinguished Artist of the RSFSR.

13 October 2014

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