Portal ivi.ru announced that the first in runet show a feature film in 4K

Russia’s first picture format ultra expansion is now available for viewing

Live theater ivi.ru announced today that its users became available for the first film in ultrahigh (Ultra HD / 4K) resolution. This domestic drama “about his wife, and another dream …”.

See the picture in the video standard of the future is completely free. However, to evaluate such a high image quality, you must be the owner of those TV that supports 4K format. And yet, only the brand LG Smart TV. In the future, the company promises to expand the list of manufacturers of television equipment.

“The fact that there was a first in runet free feature film in 4K, which once again proves that today technology permeate our lives instantly. Yet as if yesterday UHD-TV seemed exotic, and the choice of content was limited panoramic rollers. Today 4K-devices is becoming more they are more accessible, and the content is not only artistic but also free, “- said the director of business development and paid services online cinema ivi.ru Irina Grandel

She also noted that the delivery of such content now - a very laborious process. But online cinema plans to expand the catalog of content in ultra-high resolution.

Recall that the priority right suppliers 4K content online contest various Internet platforms. In particular, recently reported on the same video service Okko.

Format 4K (Ultra HD / UHD) includes video playback with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels - this is four times higher than that of common now Full HD. According to NPD DisplaySearch in the second quarter of 2014 there are more than 2.1 million UHD-TV.

10 October 2014

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