For the sake of “Truth” on the screen: in Russian film about the events in the Donbas

Ukrainian patriots are indignant - in Russia shoot a feature film about the events in the Donbas and not on the Ukrainian scenario. Fierce hatred of the Patriots svidomye is the fact that in the movie “militia valiant, bloody punishers Ukrainian, Russian journalists honest”. And with that they did not want to accept.

Indeed, the creative team of “White Stork” almost finished shooting in the Kaliningrad region of the film with the working title “The Truth“, which is based on events happening now around Donetsk and Lugansk. And one of the main storylines tells about the work of our journalists in these conditions, almost repeating the fate of our colleagues who died tragically Andrei Stenina. In fact, the film will be dedicated to them, the victims of the civil war that Russian journalists, with their names and surnames. Who sacrifice themselves for the sake of the truth on the screen in the same way as their fathers and grandfathers did it “for the sake of a few lines in the newspaper.”

“White Stork” - a unique team. It includes not only professional filmmakers, but also people from seemingly not “cinematic” professions, in particular, the guys from Kaliningrad OMON officers and other law enforcement and security agencies. Which not only themselves take part in the filming, but also advise crew (probably why of the association, maintaining the artistic power, do not descend to cheap carbon trash kinopodelok-fighters), and even sacrifice for filming part of their pay.

In the past year, “White Stork” took on a remarkable penetration and vitality of the painting “Sand soldiers” who loudly proclaimed itself at the “short”, won the Short Film Festival “Rec” in St. Petersburg, the second prize of the Russian FSB and diploma award MIA.

Director of the film “The Truth” Oleg Djuraev sure - the new film will tell about the events taking place in our time and relating to each: “This is a picture of the people, it would seem, the most peaceful profession, who are always ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of to accomplish the purpose. The film will be a sufficient scale. ” Play in the best picture Kaliningrad actors and their colleagues from Moscow and St. - Petersburg, and supporting roles and starred in the crowd by the security forces. Those who really frees hostages sitting in ambushes, neutralize insurgents and bandits.

3 October 2014

Alexander Bashir and Fyodor Bondarchuk make a movie about the events in the Donbas
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