Alexander Bashir and Fyodor Bondarchuk make a movie about the events in the Donbas

Russian film director and actor Alexander Bashirov making a documentary about Donbass called “Donbass knocking at our heart.” According to him, the project joined the film producer Fyodor Bondarchuk and CEO of the studio “Glavkino” Ilya Bachurin.

Bashirov already visited the Donbass, in the south-east of Ukraine, which took humanitarian aid. There he made a “movie small trailer … But this is a sketch for a film, the film will be a full-length, more than 70 minutes. My team is now engaged in this, mounts, there is still shooting up to a heap of money and need … We’ll have more time to come , and more than once, and shoot, shoot. I’m not the first time in the Donbas, where such characters - Restless. ”

Before the premiere, is still very far. The film does not even have a script yet, “only documentary material that will still be dosnimali,” said Ilya Bachurin, noting that “if we can deploy to feature films - we work to take off,” reports

Bashirova trip to New Russia provoked a wave of rumors, among which featured information about his son, who allegedly went to the militia. However, the actor has denied it, although in an interview with “the source” and said that if it was in fact, he would have supported his son.

“The action itself in the Donbas - this is the heroic epic. Generally, this is an amazing moment of poetry, where are the poems, movies … There goes the field reality, she creates stories, especially the military situation - people are in extreme conditions - around death and destruction. Morale is high, confidence in victory and at the same time the sadness in the eyes of the locals. And it creates all the broth, from which it can boil some composition. And there are amazing people, “- said Bashir.

1 October 2014

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For the sake of “Truth” on the screen: in Russian film about the events in the Donbas

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