Govoruhin proposed to limit the display of American films in the Russian Federation. Co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the ONF called for an increase in the proportion of European, Korean and Iranian cinema in the Russian box

“I think it would be good to limit the Hollywood movie on Russian screens, but not at the expense of Russian cinema, we produce about 60 pictures, but due to a movie, filmed in countries with a rich cinematic culture - Turkey, Korea, Iran, Japan, the European movie, “- said Govoruhin.

“And then we look only Hollywood movies and rarely Iranian cinema,” - he added, stressing that “it should be a soft policy, but I have no idea how to do it practically.”

Govoruhin also called for increased funding for culture because of the foreign policy situation.

I must admit that we treat culture as a residual, and this attitude must be changed. West is afraid of our unity in terms of culture. The people can not be defeated, it will not break the spiritual backbone

To ban the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie (State Committee for Cinematography) show in the country nine films and television series of Russian production Govoruhin reacted calmly.

“This is the normal policy of any state to prohibit the showing (movies) in the country. I calmly reacted to this” - said the director.

GOSKINO Ukraine abolished the state registration or deny Russian films and TV series “Fake army. Great scam Colonel Pavlenko,” “The second killer,” “Cold cruise”, “Honor of the Samurai”, “Allow to kiss you again,” “Cop War 7″ , “Special Order”, “Cop War 4″, “Just Jackson”.

According to the expert committee, said work has been recognized banned for television broadcasting, public commercial videos, home videos on the territory of Ukraine, and three of the aforementioned films, “and received a ban for showing in cinemas”.

17 September 2014

Premiere of “Crimea American eyes” on RTD
Alexander Bashir and Fyodor Bondarchuk make a movie about the events in the Donbas

• In Ukraine banned the screening of the film "Brother-2" »»»
The State Agency of Ukraine for the movie refused to issue certificates rolling Russian film "Brother 2".
• Ukrainian television again spoke in Russian »»»
The new government of Ukraine strongly modifies the policy of the previous leadership to Russia.
• The Ministry of Culture will provide priority conditions for the promotion of Chinese cinema in Russia and talks about fixing quotas for Russian cinema in China »»»
It is reported by TASS referring to the statement by the Minister Vladimir Medina on the Sino-Russian cultural forum, which opened in Beijing.
• In Ukraine, a film about the forbidden "Game of Death" (The characters speak the Ukrainian language, the script accomplices German occupiers) »»»
The Ukrainian authorities have imposed a temporary ban on showing pictures of Andrew Malyukova “Match”.
• The State Duma has just banned advertising on pay channels. It actually kills the cable TV in the country »»»
Committees of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy at the plenary session adopted amendments to the law on advertising in the second and third readings.