In the “Good night, kids!” will have a new hero

“We started working on finding a new puppet character for a long time, tried a lot of options, but to be honest, the idea of ​​a new character was inspired by our president. At first she seemed a bit sudden, but when we shopped carefully, realized that it hit the top ten! New hero appears in late October in the air transmission, “- said the producer.

Mitroshenkov opened the curtain, “a new character will come from the same magical forest, where there were other characters.” “If all our puppet characters, this is a super-modern, in 3D - a real computer hero. He will smile, shake hands and talk. This is a unique project - a compound animation, puppets and driving in one shot,” - he said.

Also added the producer, in addition to the transfer of 3D character appears and its real “live” brother.

“Two weeks later, everyone will know what this new character, and probably many will understand what does the president have to do with this story,” - said Mitroshenkov.

29 August 2014

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