German comedian made fun of the media for the way they cover the events in Ukraine

Presenter Christian Eyring gave an example of how Americans “proved” that the Russian missiles fired Ukraine.

“Mr. President, I am pleased to inform you that we have evidence! Sorry … Oops. This was not the picture - it scribbled my daughter.’s True evidence - a picture that I scribbled myself!” - Leading laughed, holding a drawing incomprehensible.

The author shows very surprised that this is the only evidence of the Americans. According to him, they have enough intelligence agents, who, apparently, “observed only for those who do wrong to park in the center of Donetsk.”

Also, according to Christian, no one still knows exactly what happened to the flight MN17, and cites the example of the United States accidentally shot down an Iranian Airbus-300 aircraft over the Strait of Hormuz in 1988, which killed about 300 people.

German satirist recalled that President Bush then said that the crew of the warship acted correctly and it was an accident - it happens during the war.

“Remember, what then were harsh economic sanctions against the United States? No? And I too,” - said the host.

According to Christian, the plane crash in Ukraine all sides are using for their own purposes. Can not trust anyone as much out of context, forge and subjected to manipulation.
Comedian recalls stories and photographs that were taken out of context and history completely distorted. For example, when foreign media and users of social networks were quick to say that militias use things killed in plane crash near Donetsk Boeing as trophies, while in fact, one of the representatives of the militia commemorates.
Telecast Extra 3-style political satire comes every Thursday on Channel NDR. The show is broadcast from 1976.

8 August 2014

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