Italian pop punk covered the song from “Ivan”

Comely Italians from Vanilla Sky, which will soon come to Russia - they will perform at the music festival “Cubana”, which will be held in Krasnodar Region Veselovka August 14 to 19, recorded a mini-album called Heroes At The Bottom, consisting of three songs.

And at the Russian fans of the group have a special reason for joy - mini-album went on many of your favorite cover song “Ringing January blizzard” from the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changing profession.” “We know that this thing was played in one of the most famous films ever produced Soviet film industry” - recognized musicians.

Generally, covers - it is a counter team. Indeed, precisely because they pop-punks have become famous throughout the world. Ironic parody of Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella” drew attention to the group in 2008.


Vanilla Sky - Italian pop punk band formed in 2002. Their first album, “Play It If You Can’t Say It”, was released November 6, 2002. To date they have released five albums and toured regularly in Europe.

2 August 2014

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