“Guardians of the Galaxy” - Space Odyssey with a talking raccoon

July 31, 2014 in the Russian premiere of the film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Slogan tape sounds like this: “The Avengers Earth rescue only mortal, and these guys save the universe.”

In the role of the protagonist paintings by Peter Quill starred Chris Pratt. In the film, Peter accidentally falls into the hands of property terrible villain Ronan, obsessed capture the universe. The chain of events makes Peter Quill victim intergalactic hunting. To survive, he must take to his four rogue allies - is a humanoid tree Groot, Rocket Raccoon with character warrior vengeful Drax and Gamora extremely dangerous.

To create an image of the speaker Raccoon needed versatile actor. With this role perfectly coped Bradley Cooper. The fact that the artist is easily given as a comedic and dramatic roles. To create a scene from the Raccoon and Groot, it involves several dozen people. Vin Diesel voiced Woody Groot. Of all the four from the outset he seems the most good-natured. However, in order to fit in with his movements intent producer, took several months.

Among the “Guardians of the Galaxy” is particularly notable talking raccoon. He - a risky adventurer who has made about 30 escapes from galactic prison. Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.

In the film, the characters play a significant role of the second plan. This space Yondó criminal and sinister and powerful Thanos. Yondó in its arsenal has a unique weapon - a controlled reactive whistling arrow. He has to fight the galactic their interest, but sometimes he would not mind to help others.

Film criticism is very friendly commended the film “Guardians of the Galaxy.” GQ columnist Timothy Stanovoi says that the film can satisfy any level of the audience. It will appeal to fans of summer entertainment, some will find the tape in resemblance to the “Star Wars”, the children enjoy talking raccoon.

Observer “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Anastasia Rogov emphasizes that the framers of films did not stint in the media. Here is the case when quantity turns into quality. Critic of the newspaper “Your Leisure” Tatiana Aleshicheva says that in “Guardians of the Galaxy” Action and humor are in equal proportions. That’s why while viewing paintings pass unnoticed.

James Gunn has said that the planned sequel to “banquet”. Field of activity, according to the director, is significant. For example, no one knows about his father Peter Qwill.

Forecast cash charges very optimistic. Suggest that in the premiere weekend it will be about $ 60 million

About what we are waiting for the premiere in 2014, in the special material 24smi.org “Movies of 2014. Novelties”

1 August 2014

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