Psak injury was the reason for ridicule in the Russian media

Leg injury Press Secretary U.S. Department of State Jennifer (Jen) Psak became an occasion for ridicule in some Russian media, including “” the and “to”.

Both publications found reason for news that on July 29 briefing Psak appeared in a special medical boot. In this assignment shoes are not specified. Russian journalists simply reported that Psak started briefing in one boot, noting that “the appearance of the Press Secretary of questions from the audience did not cause.”

Also news of one boot Psak appeared, for example, on the site of pro-Kremlin TV channel Russia Today. Among its other copied editorial blog “Echo of Moscow”. “We see that on her left leg black boots, and right - barefoot,” - said, in particular, in the text.

Later message on the site RT has been corrected. Adjustments to the text after a while and have editors “Heathcliff” and “Gazeta” released a separate news titled “Psak explained why come to a briefing in a” boot “,” as if the State Department spokesman responded to messages Russian media.

Meanwhile, Jen Psak explained the situation with his boot on the eve - July 28, when he first appeared before reporters after a business trip. She said that she hurt her leg and will have to wear a special boot for the next six weeks.

“I was going to write about this a story, but nothing good coming up,” - said Psak.

Russian media, including “,” and previously admitted blunders messages about Jennifer Psak. In particular, the publication reprinted “duck” about what Psak refused to recognize the presence of Ukrainian Refugees in the Rostov region, and on clarifying question Associated Press reporter Matt Lee about who comes with the territory of Ukraine, said: “This is just tourists. Example, say in Rostov mountains beautiful healing mountain air. ” This statement is attributed Psak was invented editors “First Channel” and announced in the program of Alexander Gordon “Policy”.

Campaign against the Psak in Russian state media at the end of June 2014 tried to explain journalist Oleg Kashin. He suggested that the Speaker of the State Department initiated the persecution could become Margarita Simonyan, together with Dmitry Kiselyov, who heads the pro-Kremlin media holding MIA “Russia Today.”

“She is at war with America at war, and then suddenly in America appears very similar to the woman in her beads, which drones on their briefings reports, and her face was written, to what extent she do not care, because her dream has come true she has the State Department spokesman and her war with anyone not necessary. Well, as it then do not hate? “- wrote Kashin.

31 July 2014

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