Swede takes the longest movie in the world

Several years ago, the Swedish director Anders Wehberg began work on a film entitled Ambiancé. According to the author, this work will be the longest film in history - its duration of 720 hours.

“I’ve always wondered the time,” - said in an interview Wehberg The Local. - “We can not do anything with time. In the past I took a nine-hour movie. Like when you can do something without haste.”

Wehberg describes his creation as “surreal journey beyond the boundaries of consciousness, like a dream.” To date, 280 hours of filmed material. Release the final version is scheduled for 2020.

A few days ago Wehberg presented on video Vimeo “short” 72-minute movie trailer. (July 20, it will be removed from the site.) However, this event did not bring him joy - to this day, six months ago, 21-year-old died on the director’s son, who was drug addicts.

“Work on the film helps me cope with grief. When I think about my son, then do not think about what we are doing together in the past and that we can not do in the future” - says Wehberg.

Once the film is completed and shown to the public, the director will destroy it. “I already know how it ends,” - says Wehberg.

17 July 2014

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