“Helpless America wrappers inside the imaginary world superpower in the era of” multiplex “the world” - “The Nation”, “The Huffington Post”

Huge military budget and the power of corporations do not help Washington: U.S. is losing the ability to how to solve their internal problems and achieve success in the international arena, journalists believe The Nation and The Huffington Post.

Despite his wealth and power, in recent years, the United States is less able to achieve any success - that in a world that in domestic politics, writes Tom Engelhardt (Tom Engelhardt) in an article published by The Nation.

In modern America, in his opinion, formed two centers of power - and it is not with the Congress president and the national security system and corporations. And the more powerful are the two sectors, the less the United States can hold on to power in the traditional sense, both domestically and abroad.

Political system is paralyzed Congress and the president can not agree on basic issues, such as road repairs. “Helpless America within the imaginary world superpower” - characterizes this situation Engelhardt.

U.S. investing heavily in security, support hundreds of military bases and outposts around the world. However, the U.S. Army is powerless in the fight against global turmoil, and Washington, for all its military and economic power is experiencing considerable difficulties in trying to “impose their will” to other countries. In the words of the author, the U.S. can not “transform its power into something resembling a success.”

Agrees with this opinion journalist The Huffington Post Amitav Ahari, a professor of international relations at American University in Washington. According to him, the United States, if not in decline, but in any case no longer able, as before, to establish rules and international institutions to dominate the government. The author concludes that the unipolar world has ceased to exist: even begins era of a multipolar world, and “multiplex”.

Ahari compares the new world order with a multiplex cinema: a plurality of screens within the same complex, which are very different films - from Hollywood to the Chinese. In the audience, so there’s lots of choice, and no director does not capture her attention for long.

“Multiplex world,” wrote Ahari, consists of a set of interrelated participants (not only countries but also international institutions, organizations and corporations). And only together, not individually members of this community will be able to solve the pressing problems of the world.

15 July 2014

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