Why fifth president “Channel 5″? Poroshenko - the first Ukrainian president-owner of the channel. While such a situation critics voice barely audible

Poroshenko was the owner of “Channel 5″ since its inception in the air in 2003. It was the first on the Ukrainian TV chann[t:tag slug=tv]TV[/t:tag] with news releases, the output of each hour. “He played a huge role in the events of 2004″ Orange Revolution “, and during this same Maidan” - indicates Natalja Ligacheva, chief editor of the media portal “Telekritika.” - He was one of the few media outlets that provide alternative information. ”

In this Ligacheva notes that Poroshenko channel “was not balanced, it was the opposition.” Perhaps that is why in winter “Channel 5″ disabled in Russia annexed the Crimea, and in the spring - in the occupied separatists Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine.

Win “Channel 5″ on the TV market is small country. According to various estimates, it looks less than ten percent of the audience. But his influence is great, recognizes Ligacheva: “Everyone who is active in business and in politics, watching” Channel 5 “.

“The fact that it has its own television channel, of course, creates some conflict” - agrees Natalia Ligacheva. “Since the legislation requires the President of Ukraine rejection of doing business, and Poroshenko already said he does not intend to sell” Channel 5. “He confirmed his readiness to sell confectionery corporation” Roshen “and its other assets, but exclude” Channel 5 “, explaining the role of “free press” - reminds Ligacheva.
She attributes this to the decision of the President with the desire to preserve media resource: “The fact that Poroshenko became president, largely due to the presence of his” Channel 5. “According to” Telekritika “during the election campaign” 5 th channel “was 2-3 times more messages Poroshenko than its main competitor - former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

This is confirmed by the OSCE. “In some cases, the amount of airtime allocated seem biased - it was released on June 30 from the ODIHR OSCE Observer May elections in Ukraine. - For example,” Channel 5 “provided 60 percent of the editorial material Poroshenko.” Journalist Vitaly Gaiduchevici not agree with the expert Ligachovo: “As for the news, it is - is not true for vnenovostnoy content I can not answer.”

While the “Channel 5″ was not the mouthpiece of the president. “I have not felt the change,” - Oksana Romaniuk skaazal DW from the NGO “Institute of Mass Communication” (IMI). Her words are confirmed by Western observers. “Nothing has changed”, - says Winfried Schneider-Deters (Wienfried Schneider-Deters), who lives in Kiev German publicist.

Calls for Poroshenko sell “Channel 5″ does not sound loud. Among the few critics - Sergei Leshchenko journalist Internet publication “Ukrainian Truth”. “As the host channel Poroshenko can use his property as he wants - Leshenko wrote in his blog before the election. -

But then he should not say that it differs from Akhmetov and Firtash (Ukrainian oligarchs. - Ed.), For which the media are a tool of political struggle. ”

10 July 2014

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