Launched the most unusual summer premiere “Abandoned”

On the American HBO decided that they would not be satisfied with his wildly popular projectGame of Thrones”, and went even further. While viewers around the world to discuss the fourth season ended, pobivshy every conceivable record (final series of “Games” watched 7.1 million viewers), the channel[[t:tag slug=kanal]channel has launched another very real telebombu. June 29 started desyatiseriynaya fiction drama “Leaving” (The Leftovers) with languid beauty Liv Tyler (”Stealing Beauty”) and directed by David Lynch favorite Justin Theroux (”Mallholland Drive,” “American Psycho”) starring.

7 July 2014

The State Duma has just banned advertising on pay channels. It actually kills the cable TV in the country
Why fifth president “Channel 5″? Poroshenko - the first Ukrainian president-owner of the channel. While such a situation critics voice barely audible

• 'Game of Thrones' renewed for a fifth and sixth season »»»
Cable channel HBO has officially announced the extension of the TV series "Game of Thrones" at the fifth and sixth seasons.
• Today Premier Season 6 "House". The world froze in anticipation »»»
Famous American TV series about the brilliant physician-diagnostician Gregory House opens its sixth season on American TV Foh.
• Sobchak lost the last program at the federal television »»»
TV Journalist Ksenia Sobchak with the new season will not carry the reality show "Top Model in Russian" on Muz-TV.
• "CTC Media" launches channel for girls "CTC Love" »»»
The new CTC will be called "CTC Love", his target audience will be young viewers aged 11 to 34 years.
• Sandra Bullock was the recipient of numerous awards at the 40th ceremony of the People's Choice Awards ("People's Choice") held in Los Angeles »»»
Bullock was named favorite movie actress and favorite actress in drama and comedy.