“We all do not like shorter” (Programs “Echo of Moscow” are going to finally remove the air channel RTVi)

As the “Lente.ru” the, soon-language international channel RTVi can be removed from the program “Minority Report”, which for many years produced jointly with the radio “Echo of Moscow“. The reasons for “Lenta.ru,” asked the heads of the two media.

Products “Echo of Moscow” is not the first time a clean RTVi. In 2013, the management of the channel has refused to broadcast the program “Faces of the week” with Vladimir Kara-Murza, “access code” Yulia Latynina, “No kidding,” Sergei Korzun and some other gear. Then the director of the news broadcast RTVi Catherine Kotrikadze explained closing “the rapid development of the channel after the change of ownership” - supposedly at the channel forces appeared to produce their own products. Any censorship motivated reduction in cooperation with the “Echo of Moscow” categorically rejected Kotrikadze. According to her, the decision was mutual.
The only transmission “Echo”, then the rest in the ether RTVi, became a daily “Minority Report.” Channel management calls it “the most urgent program of Russian life” and claimed that the “happily left the project in itself.” However, a year has passed and, according to some, in the near future channel may refuse the transfer.

Editor in Chief of “Echo of Moscow” Venediktov learned about these plans from “Heathcliff”. “We have a channel to the end of the year signed a commercial agreement. But no documents from RTVi early termination of this contract, as far as I know, the editors have been reported. Maybe CEO and got something, but I was on this occasion he did not informed, “- said Venediktov, stressing that the radio channel is very” constructive cooperation “.
“” Minority Report “- the rating program on RTVi. Channel And if it is decided to close it, it will be only a political solution. Question - whose is it? Under transmission opinions expressed are different people. Their range is huge - from Ms. Albats to Shevchenko and Fefelova. RTVi This is a foreign company and distributes “Minority Report” to other countries. And we do not know that anyone could confuse. If this is a political decision by the Kremlin, they could confuse the opinion of Mr and Mrs Shenderovich Albats. If Washington is a political decision, it could play a role Mr. Fefelova opinion or Mr. Shevchenko. We all do not like shorter. And we are ready for anything, “- said Venediktov.

According Venediktova, last year’s reduction of joint radio content was perceived badly. “To us it was unprofitable and financial, and political, and for marketing reasons. But we are partners with RTVi, and we respect their decision.”
Owner RTVi Ruslan Sokolov commenting on the situation, in turn, did not talk about the political background. According to him, the decision “yet” is not accepted, and if it is accepted, it will be compulsory and will involve a number of technical questions, call an ambulance station moving to a new place …………

16 June 2014

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