U.S. Olympics selected Peter: NBC Universal buying American IOC broadcasting rights to the Games in 2032 for $ 7.65 billion reduces the chances of the Olympics in 2024 in St. Petersburg

Chances Petersburg take the Summer Olympics in 2024, fell sharply. American NBC Universal acquired the rights to broadcast the Games until 2032 for $ 7.65 billion, ensuring the welfare of the IOC for two decades. This made the U.S. request a favorite when choosing capital of the Olympics in 2024.

Not only the U.S. and EU sanctions may make unrealistic plans for the Summer Games in 2024 in St. Petersburg. The vast majority of the sponsors of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) - multinationals is that due to the position of Washington and Brussels in relation to the events in Ukraine priori would have reacted with caution to the Russian request to hold another Olympics.

But now the already dwindling chances in the eyes of the northern capital to welcome the Games in 2024 became quite insignificant.

Actually Petersburg and the rest of the city, the authorities announced that the intention to become the capital of the Olympic Games, officially candidates for the Games are not yet: IOC will begin accepting applications only in 2015, and officially venue of the Summer Olympics in 2024 will be announced in 2017.

However, many Russian officials made it clear that Vladimir Putin’s hometown seriously compete for the right to host the Games in ten years.

“We have a lot of infrastructure for the summer Olympics, so do not have to invest considerable resources,” - said in February, St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko.

“St. Petersburg can be a serious contender for the Olympic Games - 2024″, - said in November last year, President of Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov.

And although among other cities, who professed desire to host the Olympics in 2024, were Paris and Istanbul, Nairobi and Rome, Berlin and Taipei, it is believed that the main competitor Petersburg if the Russian application will still be filed, would be American candidate.

United States, by the way, still do not identify which city in question: Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Washington and Los Angeles, where in 1984 at the height of the “cold war” has conducted summer Olympics, darkened boycott by the Soviet Union and a number of friendly countries in Moscow, who responded thus to refuse the American side, and a few other states to participate in the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

And now the U.S. chances to host the Olympics in 2024, appears to have increased significantly.

NBC Universal, Media Division of the American corporation Comcast, on Wednesday announced the acquisition of the rights to broadcast the Games in 2022 and 2032. As a result, six of the Olympics, which lasts a little more than two weeks, the International Olympic Committee will receive $ 7.65 billion, but it’s not that bureaucracy IOC has provided their wealth for years to come.

Of course, more favorable to the American broadcaster is a situation in which the Games are held in the Western Hemisphere, that is in the same time zone.

8 May 2014

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