“Duck” of the day: “murdered pregnant” and “15 dead Russians” Odessa tragedy surrounded by rumors and conspiracy theories

Pregnant woman. Dead. She had nothing to do with soldiers Odessa squads, nor to their “opponents.” She just worked there. Going to probably go on maternity leave. But not gone … She just came in one day on the job. And do not come back again. And her child was never born. Grim death took two lives at once.

Our special correspondent in Odessa Elena Rykovtseva decided to find out whether there is a pregnant woman among the dead in the House of Trade Unions. Here are the results of its inquiry:

The fifth day after the tragedy of Odessa, and I still continue to meet the reference to “a pregnant woman in the House of Trade Unions.” It maintained even people who evaluate the events, relatively speaking, with “maydanovskoy” side. And it does not bother anyone, what about this “pregnant” is still no information. Neither relatives who somehow would give to know that lost a daughter (sister, etc.) is now in a position, nor the father of the child, although I understand that not every unborn child is declared the father nor the experts , confirmed to this particular fact creepy. There are a lot of terrible facts, but with such a deal should be in the first place! Do not understand. It’s very impressive in terms of propaganda.

I have said on Sunday with the head physician of one of the clinics in Odessa, where bring wounded. This doctor works day and night, he is not sitting on Facebook. So I learned only on the existence of “a pregnant woman” and asked to see her photo. And immediately said that this is clearly a woman age, which for some reason took off here in this position, apparently to create a corresponding effect. But he, of course, called in some of his higher medical authority to find out whether the pregnancy was not among the wounded and dead. He clearly said that it was not. Now, when I meet again and again this bloodthirsty link (and if people get kind of pleasure when her post), I still call again to Odessa this doctor to find out if there are any information about the deceased now pregnant. He replied that he was checking in another instance. No, did not appear. So maybe it’s time to stop to revel in what was not, and deal with what was actually?

Our correspondent also found out that the Bureau Odessa forensic autopsy has already completed all the bodies found in the House of Trade Unions. Tel pregnant is not among them.
Also, it is not confirmed by the reports of children killed in the fire. Anyway, in an informal list of victims have no children.

7 May 2014

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