People’s Artist of Russia, theater and film actor Alexander Lenkov died on the 71 th year of life after a long illness.

This was told by a representative of the Metropolitan Hospital, where Lenkov was treated.

“Day of the civil funeral and farewell will be decided today,” - told RIA “Novosti” representative Theater. Moscow City Council.
People’s Artist of Russia, leading actor of theater. Moscow City Council Yevgeny Steblov said Lenkov was a unique, multi-talented man.

“It is impossible to believe this news. Until recently I had hoped that he would win this disease. Sasha I know in 1969, then came to the theater Mossovet. We used to play a lot together and toured a lot. It was a unique, multi-talented people . grotesque artist that if became a clown, he would have been among the most celebrated artists of the genre, “- said the stem.

He stressed that Lenkov “was a master of all trades”: “He was a great tailor, he was working semi-precious stones, and it was a very tolerant person, conflict-free.”

“He was able to defend its position, not leading to some unpleasant situations. And most importantly, Alexander was sincerely devoted to the theater, and specifically the theater of the Moscow Soviet, which he joined as a boy and where he served until the end of his life.’s Hard to imagine that it no longer exists. This is a huge loss for the theater “- said stem.

Alexander Lenkov was born in 1943 in Rasskazovo Tambov region. In 1965 he graduated from the school at the Theatre. Moscow City Council and was accepted into the troupe MADT them. Moscow City Council. Since that time, he was an actor of the theater, acted in movies, appeared on television and radio. Later I started teaching activities VGIK.

In 1964 he starred in the first movie in the film “Give Me a Complaints Book” and “Keys to the sky”, which brought him fame. Lenkov also memorable images clumsy male bachelors in the film “Winter Cherry” and “Little Faith.”

Radio actor voiced the role of Andrei Alekseevich Azbuchkina in transferring children “Fun alphabet.”

In 2001, the program “KOAPP” and “extinguish lights” featuring Lenkova Taffy received the award. Filmed mostly in supporting roles and character comedy episodes, according to “Wikipedia”.

21 April 2014

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