Russian audiences are less likely to face domestic films in cinemas. Russian box office films are steadily declining

The level of interest to the domestic Russian audience movie in March was the lowest in the last five years. The total amount of box office receipts for the month was a record high.

Steady decline in box office receipts of Russian cinema has long attracted the attention of the Ministry of Culture and the State Duma, which in recent years have suggested a number of measures to support national cinema.

During the month the Russian rolling out five films of domestic production that visited 1.71 million viewers.

The most wide release in March was the movie “Dubrovsky” Alexandra and Cyril Vartanova Mikhanovskiy, which was released on 936 copies. Freestyle adaptation of Pushkin’s story with a budget of 2.5 million dollars collected only 1.6 million

The biggest “cash” from domestic releases March gathered comedy Artem Aksenenko “From March 8, men!”, Released on 809 copies. She managed to earn $ 2.5 million, but it does not pay nearly three million budget picture.

With regard to the amount of total box office in March 2014, it set a record last five years and was 4.06 billion rubles (112.5 million dollars). According to analysts, this was largely due to growth in average ticket prices.

In December last year, the Ministry of Culture ordered the show before the movie in theaters sessions, consisting of fragments of the best, according to the agency, domestic films of recent times. In the video clip included footage from “Burnt by the Sun 2″, “Stalingrad”, “DuhLess”, “Legends of number 17″ and several other paintings.

Fall of Russian cinema box office has already attracted the attention of the State Duma

In late March, it was reported that the State Duma deputy from the “United Russia”, Robert Schlegel Press has prepared a bill on limiting hire foreign films in Russian cinemas to 50%.

According to United Russia, the restrictions must relate primarily American-made films, since the current system was originally created Russian hire “under Hollywood.”

In the lower house, and before that sounded proposals to limit foreign film in Russian cinema, but no initiative has not been finally approved.

In February last year, a deputy from the Liberal Democratic Party Dmitry Litvintsev introduced a bill that not only hit enter limits on the amount of foreign films in cinemas in Russia, but also set limits on movie making in Russia.

Document lets you create a movie in Russia only on the condition that at least 60% of the cast are Russian citizens, and among the rest of the film is not less than 40% of Russians.

Proposed measures legislators consistently criticized by representatives of film distribution, producers and Film Critics, many of whom fear that the introduction of any quotas may deal a serious blow to film distribution.

14 April 2014

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• Charges Russian films are falling for the second year in a row »»»
Last year was even more a disaster for the Russian cinema than the 2009th.
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Portal conducted a study in which he tried to assess the effectiveness of state support for the film industry.
• The Ministry of Culture will provide priority conditions for the promotion of Chinese cinema in Russia and talks about fixing quotas for Russian cinema in China »»»
It is reported by TASS referring to the statement by the Minister Vladimir Medina on the Sino-Russian cultural forum, which opened in Beijing.
• 3D-films have raised the Russian market for film distribution »»»
In Russia and the CIS in this year’s box office market grew by 3D-releases.
• Most successful in the Russian hire has become a comedy "Our Russia: Egg of Destiny" »»»
“Eggs,” not only beat back the production budget of 119.8 million rubles.