RT channel received gold New York Festivals, besting CNN (award was given for a documentary film about the custom of blood revenge on the modern Caucasus)

Channel RT (Russia Today) won the gold award[/t[t:tag slug=nagrada]award of the prestigious International Festival of New York Festivals, surpassing in this category CNN, and also received two bronze. Ceremony took place in Las Vegas.

The winner in the category “Best documentary / newscast: humanitarian issues,” a documentary of Russian TV channel Blood and Honor (”Vendetta”), which bypassed work CNN and other international companies.

Film Leonid Kanfer and Paul Baydikova tells what place the custom of blood revenge on the modern Caucasus.

Bronze Award in the category “Promo news program” has won a series of rollers Noticias desde dentro on RT news broadcast in Spanish. Another bronze medal in the category “Science and technology” program received issue RT Technology Update, which tells about new ways to use nuclear energy industry.

RT channel repeatedly became the winner of New York Festivals. In 2013, the winner in the category “Best documentary / newscast about politics” was a program of Julian Assange, which premiered at the RT in April 2012. As part of the interview shows WikiLeaks founder met with the most interesting and significant persons forming the global agenda.

New York Festivals - one of the largest festivals in the field of journalism, film and advertising. This year’s awards were awarded in 15 categories. In addition to RT, to receive the award in various categories claimed by major international and national broadcasters from more than 50 countries.

9 April 2014

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Famous columnist of the American newspaper New York Times, David Carr has died at his workplace on February 13.
• The film "Leviathan" was among the nominees for the "Oscar" »»»
The film "Leviathan" by Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev was among the nominees for the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "Oscar" in the category "Best Foreign Language Film.
• Film Russia Today on the South Ossetia won international awards »»»
Russia’s English-language film channel Russia Today “City of single mothers” that tells about the life of Tskhinvali in the early days of the August conflict, was awarded a silver medal at the International Festival “New York Festivals”, said the channel.
• The film "the worst director of our times" by Uwe Boll won the prestigious festival »»»
German filmmaker Uwe Boll, who is called the worst director of modernity’s defeat in over a number of artistic and commercially adaptations of video games.
• MTV called "Twilight. Moon" best of the year »»»
Vampire saga, Twilight. New Moon “by Chris Weitz was named best film at the ceremony kinonagrad channel MTV.