“The behavior of the West borders with schizophrenia” - CEO news agency “Russia Today” Dmitry Kiselev - sanctions, Western values ​​and these liberals

Dmitry Kiselev was the only journalist in the world, which was circulated to political sanctions.

The European Union has included it in the list of Russians in respect of which a ban on entry to the EU, as well as tenure and accounts.

To protect the journalist stood in one of the leading journalists rights organizations - the World Press Freedom Committee.

However, as told to “News” by Dmitry Kiselev, the imposition of sanctions against it - it does not limit the freedom of speech of a journalist, and the entire world of journalism. In modern history, says the head of the MIA “Russia today,” Russia and the West have switched roles, now the chief defender of democratic principles and freedom of speech has become our country.

- You are the only journalist to whom sanctions are common. You can say what you Yuri Gagarin modern journalism. Did you expect this?

- This applies to all journalists. First time in my memory sanctioned internationally against the journalist. I’m just a journalist X. And Europe was the initiator of the sanctions, which indicates a blatant disregard for EU officials value freedom of speech.

It creates a very unpleasant dangerous precedent - in fact a betrayal of European values. If precedent is legalized if the journalistic community and the European and American, and any other country will not react to it and will not give an assessment, it means that journalists believe is legitimate.

This cardinal civilization turn - freedom of speech and we do not need now is not a value. Moreover, the EU position is supported not only by a decision of the European bureaucracy, but the decision of the Norwegian Storting.

- Even in Norway, which is close to you, considering that you have completed the Scandinavian branch philologists, supported sanctions ..

- Yes, at Leningrad State University. 10 years of broadcast on Norwegian Radio Moscow at the microphone. A person who is wholly other Norway, and falls under the Norwegian sanctions aimed - to restrict freedom of speech. Shine!

I believe that as long as it’s not very consciously, but in fact a question of civilization turning. Accuse me that I do propaganda that I advocate. But propaganda Greek - dissemination of information, ideas, thoughts, philosophical positions.

Interesting way the West uses this word as a curse … But propaganda is not certified category, certified category in international law, in the Constitutions of all countries - freedom of speech.

In fact, this sanction formalized, state, interstate, supranational, bureaucratic, which is legal in the sense of a modern law, and not a legitimate character. It is directed against freedom of speech.

4 April 2014

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