In Latvia, filmed on Nazism in the Baltic States

In Latvia withdrew controversial film about national socialism in the country. In the movie “Latvia, we have lost?” Showing unique archival footage, photographs and documents about the history of the construction of the National Socialists “Latvian Latvia”.

More information about the tape said sociologist and director Alexander Gaponenko.

Why Your film has caused a major scandal in Latvia?

Alexander Gaponenko: The ruling elite of Latvia is currently in construction in the country “Latvian Latvia”. This project involves the creation of an ethnic hierarchy, on top of which is the Latvian ruling bureaucracy and lower rungs of the social ladder is occupied by “foreigners.”

Our film is about time that the idea of ​​building a “racially pure” society began to spread in the local Latvian National Socialists in the late 20-ies of the last century. However, large-scale construction “Latvian Latvia” began with the coming to power of the dictator Karlis Ulmanis in 1934. Since that time, the authorities began to brutally persecute Latgalians, Russian, Jews, Germans, and even in all spheres of public life. This ethnic experiment, together with sharpen social divisions led to the establishment of Soviet power in the country, and then to its entry into the USSR.

But in the society during the period of Latvia in the Soviet Union was restored ethnic equality …

Alexander Gaponenko: Latvian National Socialists tried to re-build “Latvian Latvia” in June 1941, the initiative by destroying local Gypsies and Jews, as well as part of the Russian. Germans appreciated their efforts and put as obedient performers in their own construction project, but German, racially pure Third Reich. Latvians themselves as conquerors determined to assimilate or expulsion to Siberia. And only the liberation from Nazi troops Latvia Latvian people saved from total destruction.

Collaborators who fled to the West is now called the exemption “Soviet occupation”, forgetting that half of Latvians fought in the Red Army and led a guerrilla struggle against the Germans in WWII. And the idea of ​​”racially pure” society Latvian collaborators and their spiritual heirs “cleansed” from dust and blood, and once again became the official doctrine of the country.

What documents you used in your film? They were previously known? How do you find them?

Alexander Gaponenko: Visual assembled mostly from material derived Film Fund and the State Archives of Latvia. This is the original footage of life in pre-revolutionary and pre-war Latvia, the German military chronicles tape Soviet period. There are many photos sent from the German state archives. The bulk of them have never seen the audience.

3 April 2014

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