Unbeaten star commander of Darth Vader “Internet Party of Ukraine” announced his intention to become the new president of Ukraine. He will participate in the May elections

In Kiev will host the V Congress “Internet Party of Ukraine” which is nominated for president of Ukraine.

“As a result of intra-party primaries past, won a landslide comrade Vader, therefore, that he would be a candidate for president of Ukraine from our party,” - said the leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine Dmitry Golubov.

“I am ready to take responsibility for the fate of the state if countrymen will have me such a high honor. Only I can make of the republic - the empire to return to its former power, lost territory and pride in the country” - said the Lord of the Sith Darth Vader.

March 26 “Internet Party of Ukraine” paid the deposit for participation in the election campaign, and continues the process of official registration of the candidate.

Recall Darth Vader took part in various actions - struggled with illegal parking coastal, “legal” narkotochkami helped clean up the aftermath of Hurricane.

In the 2012 elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Darth Vader won a landslide victory by number of spoiled ballots, gaining more than 3%.

28 March 2014

Awarded the prize for the most ridiculous book title. First place: “How to * akat on a date”
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