Media: RT orchestrated Dismissal leading U.S. neoconservatives

Dismissal live leading news channel Russia Today Liz Wal allegedly because of disagreement with lighting RT events in Ukraine directed the neoconservative Center Foreign Policy Initiative, founded by her husband U.S. Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, U.S. media reported.

“Before dismissing Wal - as much as 19 minutes. The building neoconservative expert center Foreign Policy Initiative (” Foreign Policy Initiative “) in Washington, a worker entering the group profile in Twitter, announces the following:” # HodyatSluhi that RT is coming mega event about 20-25 minutes, “- wrote in a blog editor in chief Margarita Simonyan RT citing TruthDig (author’s spelling, punctuation and style maintained - approx. LOOK).

“Exactly 10 minutes before the stated Wal live his retirement, FPI said on Twitter:” # HodyatSluhi that now everyone should include RT # MozhetBytChto-toInteresnoe “- says Simonyan.
“Two minutes before the application of Wal FPI again encourages readers to turn Twitter RT. Finally at 17.26, exactly the point of care Wal, FPI writes:” Leading RT dismissed live. She “can not work on the canal, whitewash Putin’s actions,” - said in a statement.

Thus, “the message from the FPI indicate direct coordination and Wal neoconservative expert center. Several calls to FPI, made with a desire to speak on this topic, went unanswered.”

In the incident emphasizes the special role of the journalist James Kerchik who became famous thanks to the fact that the air RT criticized Russian law against the promotion of homosexuality among minors, although invited him to talk about his calling to execute Bradley Manning, who passed secret information about U.S. war crimes WikiLeaks.

Notes that “Kerchik was a senior member of the neoconservative expert center FPI - the same one that advertised Wal dismissal for a few minutes before this event.”
“Wal with increased interest the same as the class of the Washington pundits rushed to praise Kerchik. Upstart young journalist in an instant became a sensation, whereas it was suspended from the post of the leader. According to sources, RT, and Wal Kerchik urgently started planning how she quit her job, “- says Simonyan.

How to tell the former employees, “Wal went to New York to interview with the newly opened channel Al-Jazeera America”.

“In December, she confessed to a friend in RT, that” very depressed “- the interview she was refused. She was in despair, complaining that did not appear on the air in RT leading role already for six months due to the decrease,” - said in a statement.

“At that time, according to one employee, said Wal same colleague that it was contacted by an unnamed person who wanted to help him undermine RT”, - said in a blog Simonyan.


20 March 2014

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