Creator Doc. film “Happy People” raises money to continue.

Left nobody indifferent beautiful documentary, “Happy People” (though, their good, in my opinion, it is doubtful).
Since January, creator of “Happy People” Dmitry Vasiukov raises money to continue.
However, collected less than one million of the desired almost five, and remained until the end of 17 days.
You can simply read the text on the website of the Altai, but something about Ukraine tired already.
Generally, Dmitry Vasiukov calls all the blame on the Altai and grow there honey. Of enlightenment in the mind and body flexibility extraordinary arise.

13 March 2014

In the “Good night, kids!” refused to communicate care Fili in the army with the policy
“Mail of Russia” will invest in the cinema at 30 million rubles

• Mikhalkov: Internet - outlet for people waning »»»
Nikita Mikhalkov: Do not call the people who sit on the internet.
• Life News found a healer-presenter Malakhov: he is simply tired of the First Channel and ran in the Rostov backwoods »»»
56-year-old folk healer admitted that he could not resist shooting rhythm and found a loophole in the treaty to leave Moscow.
• Charges Russian films are falling for the second year in a row »»»
Last year was even more a disaster for the Russian cinema than the 2009th.
• Manege: I saw a man killed »»»
When the general had already left for disengagement. When the fans have been completed almost the entire charge of Fire and firecrackers.
• Hollywood directors will show the life of the user's eyes YouTube »»»
The project is a collective movie about the life of users “Life in a Day” (”Life for one day”) announced on Tuesday the developers video hosting YouTube.