In the “Good night, kids!” refused to communicate care Fili in the army with the policy

Press office of the “Good night, kids!” denied political overtones in the edition in which the dog Phil going to go serve in the army[/t:[t:tag slug=vojsko]army. Issue with the discussion of possible care to the border troops Fili aired the evening on March 11. However, the press service said that the story was filmed six months ago, even before the events in Ukraine, and in no way connected with the current political situation.

“I do not know what kind of people these stories provoke, - said the spokesman Yevgeny Hludentsova. - Cartoons and stories have to look for what they are, and not associated with politics.”

The release of “Good night, kids!” began with the fact that Phil, a soldier singing the song “Nightingale Nightingale, ptashechka”, said: “I’m going into the army. Want to become a protector.” In response to a question leading Oxana Fedorova, in what he is going to serve the army, Phil said that he would like “to become Border dog.” Leading praised desire feely, but noted that the army take only adult dogs.

Number of Internet users and the media saw the release of war propaganda against the backdrop of strained relations with Ukraine and the possible deployment of Russian troops on its territory. Portal “Political Council” wrote that “judging by the release of” Good night, kids “, the government intends to contribute to the further rise of the militarist spirit.” Ukrainian site “Comments” titled “The Russians decided to teach from an early age to think about the war.” However, the press service of the program said that the issue was filmed six months ago, even before the events in Ukraine, and in no way connected with the current political situation.

In October last year, around one of the editions of political scandal has broken out. In this issue, in which the hero named Mishutka announced Recumbent protest, saw a parody of opposition demonstrations 2011-2012. The press service of the program stated that this issue had no political overtones and did not contain any hidden meanings.

Children’s evening program “Good night, kids!” there since 1964. Now the program goes to the channel “Russia 1″ (her show after the evening news) and “Carousel”

12 March 2014

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