From the film about Jesus cut like Obama Satan

Producers of the American film “Son of God” cut scenes involving Satan, who served as his role, the actor looks strongly reminiscent of U.S. President Barack Obama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the decision was made to avoid “incorrect comparisons” from the audience.

As stated by Roma Downey, has been producing paintings with her husband Mark Burnett, it is very nice to know, “the devil is on the cutting room floor of the room.” Also, she said, the editing was not significant, as a two-hour tape all the attention should be focused on Jesus.

The film “Son of God” (”Son of God”), which premiered in the U.S. is scheduled for February 28, 2014, based on the mini-series “The Bible”, which came out on TV History Channel in March 2013. Its production is also engaged in Downey and Burnett.

After the episode appears on the screen, in which Christ meets with Satan in the wilderness, many bloggers and the media drew attention to the similarity between President Obama and actor Mohammad Mehdi Ouazani (Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni), performed the role of the devil. Since many journalists felt that creators intentionally made character like the president, and television producers had to make an official statement in support of the head of the United States.
In the mini-series “The Bible”, which consisted of ten episodes, told about the following events in Scripture - from the Flood to the resurrection of Christ. Telefilm series premiere attracted to the screens of about 13 million viewers

18 February 2014

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