Prosecutor General’s Office during an inspection conducted by “Rain” survey of the siege of Leningrad did not see grounds for closing: prosecutors found no extremism in action channel

“Interfax” reported on Friday, January 31, a source in the prosecutor’s office. According to him, checking channel activity continues, however, “it is already clear that he was not facing closure.” On the results of the audit “Rain” will tell prosecutors about a week. The prosecutor’s office began checking the channel due to treatment of Duma deputies and Parliament Petersburg devoted to a survey of the blockade of Leningrad, will be aired on “Rain” on Sunday. Channel asked the audience whether it was possible to save the lives of Leningrad, if the city surrendered German troops.

Poll caused a flurry of criticism from users of social networks, politicians and public figures. In St. Petersburg prosecutor’s office received several complaints from the blockade, who considered himself insulted. The survey also expressed outrage presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Operators of cable and satellite television this week began broadcasting disable “Rain”. Channel packages disappeared from the “Beeline”, “Onlayma”, “Acad” and “NTV-Plus.”

Channel represented by the chief editor Michael ZIGAR apologized for incorrect wording of the question. “I am convinced that we have not violated the law, did not want to offend anyone, and if someone is insulting to interpret itself, we sincerely apologize,” - wrote Zygar. Apologies also brought CEO “Rain” Natalia Sindeeva.

Human Rights Council under the President of Russia considered action is disabled “Rain” illegal operators. HRC appealed to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, asking “give instructions to inspect upon disconnection CATV channel” Rain “and take action in accordance with applicable law.”

The board believe that operators are required to compensate the moral damage caused to members by the fact off the channel, as it follows from Article 151 of the Civil Code and Article 15 of the RF Law “On Protection of Consumers’ Rights.

31 January 2014

“Beeline” disabled “Rain” (Council of Human Rights in the Russian Federation addressed to the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the legality of actions of operators, disable “Rain”)
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• "Beeline" disabled "Rain" (Council of Human Rights in the Russian Federation addressed to the Prosecutor General's Office to check the legality of actions of operators, disable "Rain") »»»
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