“CTC Media” launches channel for girls “CTC Love”

The new CTC will be called “CTC Love”, his target audience will be young viewers aged 11 to 34 years. At the same audience a year working channel “S”, which in the “CTC Media” called main competitor.

In December 2013 Roscomnadzor received an application for the registration of media “CTC Media” Media Holding opens fourth channel called “ITS Love”. Yesterday representative “CTC Media” said the company received the license on 31 January (she was formalized on January 17): “The Board of Directors approved the launch of the fourth channel.”

“CTC Love” will be focused on youth. “Advertising will be sold at 11-34 audience, marketing strategy” CTC Love “will be aimed at a female audience,” - says RBC daily in the management of the holding. He added that he will likely be able to start the channel by the summer of this year, while the same broadcast will go to cable networks. In “CTC Media” are just looking for a new head of the channel.

The main competitor of “STS Love” is a television channel “S”. In April 2013, the new head of “S” Ruben Hovhannisyan redefined the concept of broadcasting and positioning of the channel. Now he is positioning itself as the channel only for girls. It goes live dramas such as “Wild Angel” program, aimed at a female audience, and melodrama. To promote a new image of the channel guide, “S” conducted an advertising campaign in major cities: on billboards attended seals and complimenting girls.

“CTC Media” operates three channels - STS, “Pepper”, “Home”. All three channels operate at an adult audience. For example, STS sells advertising audience 10-45, viewership share in the fourth quarter totaled 10.9%. “Pepper” is working with the audience 25-49. We already have a media holding female channel - “Home”, which works with the audience 25-59. Recently Natalia Korotkov (former head of the “home”) left his post at its appointed place Lika form - last general producer of “MTV Russia”

29 January 2014

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