How to call people who stood in Ukraine against the government? Russian federal channels to designate them offer a huge selection, the whole dictionary

Vocabulary of the last day of newscasts. The “Time”, January 25, 21 hours

1. The rioters (Vinnitsa)
2. Raiders (Kiev, Ministry of Energy)
3. Extremists (security Maidan)
4. Gangs (in the building of the Kiev administration)
5. Adventure (on Hrushevskoho)
6. Battle groups, which include those who fought in many hot spots: Syria, Chechnya - on the side of the militants in South Ossetia - on Georgia’s side, plus veterans of the Ukrainian contingent in Iraq (on the Maidan in Kiev). Program “Vesti”, January 25, 20 hours

1. Radicals (in general all those who protest today).
2. Inspired by extremists militants with Hrushevskoho (obviously, it’s about those who Hrushevskoho).
3. Stormtroopers from the barricades (about anyone on the barricades)
4. The ultra groups (on Independence)
5. Extremists (in the House of Trade Unions)
6. “Guys with symbolic interpretation of the swastika on the boards whose 1488 - digital encryption of the symbolism of Adolf Hitler” (those “guys”, according to a leading Brilev, “is charged on Ukrainian vulicya.” Word “street” for some reason he says in Ukrainian mutilated. Apparently, to heighten the sarcasm). Vesti-24, Jan. 26, 10 am

1. Radicals raiders (captured Ukrainian House)
2. Provocateurs (prepared chemical attack, which dumped anywhere in Kiev incendiary napalm mixture to at burning clothes stick to your body and do not yield to extinguish).
3. Adventure (on Independence)
4. Nationalists, extremists, militants and violent part of the population (in the rest of the country). Here, too, should bring their entire sentence, it’s worth it: “To capture the different administrative buildings in the regions of the country use nationalists who organized dumped in a particular region of the western regions of the country. On-site adjacent to them aggressively minded part of the population. Once militants perform the task - they were immediately sent to other regions of the country. ”

Such a scheme, according to the channel Russia-24, was used in the assault of regional administrations in Cherkassy, ​​Poltava, Vinnitsa regions. A similar pattern - in Lviv, Zhytomyr, Rivne, Chernivtsi, Ternopil, Khmelnitsky, Lutsk and Vinnitsa.

That is the logic of this channel turns out that in the western regions of Ukraine specially brought nationalists from the western regions of Ukraine, where they were supported by some aggressive residents. This means that even in these unstable regions, the expression “Russia-24″, “wielded by extremists,” a bunch of other words, renegades, and not the masses. What can we say about others, already quite trustworthy regions. Channel “Russia” stated that “Uzhhorod, Chernigov, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kirovohrad, Crimea, etc. - on the side of the authorities. Entire country is not captured.”

26 January 2014

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• Supporters of federalization Ukrainian TV stopped broadcasting in the east and began broadcasting Russian »»»
Supporters of federalization captured Broadcasting House on the Mount in Kramatorsk Karachun, translating Ukrainian TV channels on the south-eastern regions.
• Erotic channels can replace Russian TV broadcast in Ukraine »»»
According to the head of the National Council of Ukraine on television Yuri Artemenko recently in the National Council addressed several Ukrainian channels erotic direction.
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Poroshenko was the owner of "Channel 5" since its inception in the air in 2003.
• The first channel, criticizing Luzhkov for dot building in Moscow, showed Ekaterinburg »»»
One of the shortcomings set out in the wine, Yuri Luzhkov.
• Ukrainian television again spoke in Russian »»»
The new government of Ukraine strongly modifies the policy of the previous leadership to Russia.