FA Cup (the FA Cup). Review matches 3rd round

We offer an overview of matches third round of the oldest football tournament in Europe - the FA Cup, whose 62 of 64 games (two postponed due to bad weather) is courtesy of the British television network ITV (language - English). Camym loud event this stage became fly Cup “Manchester United”. 14-time winner of the trophy in the game with another Premier League club, “Swansea” failed to achieve even a replay. Besides mankuniantsev flew out of the competition five members of the elite, as well as club Pogrebnyak “reading”. However, all the attention on the screen …

6 January 2014

Deceased hero Paul Walker in “Fast and the Furious 7″ remain alive
Sandra Bullock was the recipient of numerous awards at the 40th ceremony of the People’s Choice Awards (”People’s Choice”) held in Los Angeles

• Turkey opens the Russian-language satellite channel »»»
For the first time in the history of Turkish television, scheduled to open satellite television with programs in Russian.
• Fee-based sports channel RTR will cost 10 rubles per month »»»
In Moscow the monthly fee can range from 18 rubles, and in places far from the capital - about three rubles.
• Competition for the best movie! »»»
Competition on the draft Taba.ru Network allfreegame (AllFreeGame) Create and set of videos for the competition takes place from 06.
• NTV will show the three European club football match live »»»
This week’s TV channel “NTV” will please fans of football and will once 3 European cup match involving Russian clubs in the air.
• In the UK in pubs will broadcast football in 3D »»»
Britons promised 3D-football in pubs, reports Daily Mail. Sky TV company is going to broadcast the three-dimensional football matches by the end of the year.