Manege: I saw a man killed

When the general had already left for disengagement. When the fans have been completed almost the entire charge of Fire and firecrackers. When at the Manege in less than one-fifth of the people who had been an hour ago. I decided that I must leave. Although remnants of the crowd picked up periodically, “Russian forward, it seemed that everything is coming to an end. The people differed in small groups.

Suddenly begun to move. They ran about 15 people from different sides. “Hacha Bay!” - Shouted one. “Now get even!” - Enthusiastically remarked another.

I do not see how it started, but I’ve seen finished. At the Fountain. Already a granite board. This body was kicked by several people. It seemed that no man can be such as rubber or something. Blows flew over the body, face and head. His bouncing, and drop at a time. “Do not kill, do not kill,” - said one of the attackers. A few more kicks. Above. On the head. I thought, this is the end of one human life. A second later, they fled. Sacks, next to the illuminated dome lay it. Only a few were watching. “What is this? Churko killed?” - Wondered one of the young people passing by.

He was not dead. At least then. Strange, but the blood for some reason, too, was quite small. He did not cry and did not call for help. The worst thing that a man, dressed in dirty snow lying in this strange pose, just to breathe. Often. As a snorting, he produced and climb into their lungs with air. And that’s all. He has just breathed. But this was the only whistling sound.

“Well, why so? Why kill?” - Inquired, looking into my eyes of understanding, the boy about 15 years with a scarf Lokomotiv. A good boy. Interestingly, he chanted a half hour ago with all the “Come on let’s have yvay ** out of here!”. I do not know. I am so he did not reply.
A minute later a man in a blue jacket with the words “first aid” on the back. Looked rang. Climbed over the railing and leaned over the body, which still play, sniffing hard to breathe - not the latest by grasping for life, not saying goodbye to her.

I turned around and

11 December 2010

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