Published screenplay Fast and the Furious 5

Universal Studios has decided to please fans of high-speed series, unveiling a subject of the picture “Fast and the Furious 5: The Fast Five” (Fast Five), said

According to the scenario, break the will of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O `Conner (Paul Walker) are running across several borders and stop in Brazil, where they face the last thing that you want do not want to have to crank, or the freedom they do not see a few more decades. Ex-Kopu and ex-convict helps the team recruited their top riders, and will try to prevent planned by a local businessman with an ugly reputation, and determined federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and his team. The first wants to get rid of them that would secure the business, and the second, though famous for its excellent working performance, but only a mere performer, and, unlike moviegoers for a long time can not distinguish between “bad” guys from “good”, chasing after all row. Dom and Brian still rely solely on their own skill and luck.

Premiere - June 2011-th.

17 September 2010

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Trent Reznor laid out five free tracks from the movie “Social Network”

• Vladimir Putin arrived in the animated series "Family Guy" »»»
Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as one of the characters in animated series "Family Guy" (Family Guy).
• Vladimir Putin est arrivé à la série animée "Family Guy" »»»
Russie Le Premier ministre Vladimir Putin comme l'un des personnages dans la série animée "Family Guy" (Family Guy).
• Vladimir Putin kam in der Zeichentrickserie "Family Guy" »»»
Russlands Premierminister Vladimir Putin als einer der Charaktere in animierten Serie "Family Guy" (Family Guy).
• Was movie "History of the South" with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Dwayne "Rock" Johnson »»»
The mixture of comedy, fantasy, myuzikla with lots of stars in the lead roles.
• "Donetsk population continues not to love Ukraine" (ATO officers have started "breaking" after watching Russian channels) »»»
Officers ATO starts breaking after watching Russian channels that continue to broadcast on the front line by the method Kashpirovsky and configure local residents against Ukraine.