Began shooting the film "PiraMMMida" on the novel by Sergei Mavrodi. The creators promise a lot of pictures of stunts, explosions, staging fights and chases

Filming "PiraMMMida" - adaptation of an autobiographical novel by Sergei Mavrodi of the loudest financial scam of the twentieth century Russia - began in Moscow, told RIA Novosti in a Motion Picture "Leopolis".

On the first day of shooting for the film has been specially re-recorded the famous promotional video, "I - no freeloader, I - Partner with actor Vladimir Permyakova, who in 1992, thanks to the work, was man of the year, beating Russia will accept pop Alla Pugachev and the first President - Boris Yeltsin.

The pavilion was completely recreated the original scenery, and a brother Lenya Golubkov - Ivan sang actor Vyacheslav Vorobyov.

In the story, a former researcher Sergei Mamontov, who was laid off, looking for a place to apply himself and his uncomplicated intellect. In the end, the plan is born: Mamontov orders a mock "security" with the imperial pattern that is rich in ornament, water marks and his own portrait in the center. These psevdokupyuram he appoints himself, and the price starts to trade on the principle: always more expensive today than yesterday.

In this case the filmmakers are trying to avoid specific references to the real character.

As said earlier RIA Novosti CEO of film company Leopolis George Malkov, product Mavrodi "largely based on real facts that occurred in the history of the pyramid" MMM ", but it includes a lot of literary fiction."

There will be a close resemblance with Mavrodi and the main hero. Embodies the image on the screen speculator Alexei Serebryakov, known for his painting "Cargo 200", "Apocalypse Code", "Inhabited Island", a serial "Gangster Petersburg" and others.

In the film, directed by Eldar Salavatov ( "Antikiller DK"), also play Yuri Tsurilo, Irina Apeksimova, Aleksei Gorbunov, Artem Mikhalkov.

The filmmakers promise in painting a large number of breakout action scenes with stunt stunts, explosions, staged fights and chases. In particular, in the movie you will see the room of money (in the office "MMM" cash earnings merilas rooms), a helicopter from which the roof of a tall building mounted a huge advertising design "MMM", attempted murder - shot a rocket at a car, talks with criminal authority on the podium empty "Luzhniki" and much more. The budget picture will be more than $ 2 million.

Supposedly, the picture will be released on screens April 15, 2010.

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